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                Gentle Fitness EXERCISE @ CASA     


MON & FRI  1:15-2:15 pm

CASA  Members  $2.00 – Public $5.00

1st Class FREE!

                               This Class was Designed  for You!

EXERCISES for Fun, for your Heart

to Help your Balance, your Coordination,

your Memory and for Relaxation

Laughing is Exercise on the Inside!


Benefits of Chair Exercises for Seniors

Seated exercise offers all the benefits of standing exercise, without the risk. Chair exercises will keep your joints flexible, improving your range of motion and mobility. They also strengthen and stabilize your muscles, resulting in improved balance, which is key for preventing falls and injuries. After a few weeks of regular chair exercise, you can expect to see an improvement in your overall health and fitness. You’ll feel better, and your daily routine will be easier. A few benefits of chair exercises for seniors include:

Improved flexibility and range of motion

Decreased joint pain and stiffness

Improved muscle strength and balance

Increased blood circulation

Elevated mood and concentration

Lowered stress levels