Social Contact is ESSENTIAL for our Mental, Physical & Emotional well-being and is importand part of CASA's Mission and Vision.  We respect you as adults capable of making your own "life" decisions, and we would love to see you as soon as you feel comfortable.


            YES,  we're OPEN for many Programs & Activites!


In house Dinning to Re-Open July 6th



MEALS ON WHEELS will be delivered

as normal-NO CHANGE!

Daily menus may vary due to the availability

of the food delivered. $6.00


Food Pantry & Bake Sale have moved inside



Thrift Shop OPEN 




ALL Take-Out Meals $5.00 each or

Loyalty Lunch Card + $1.00








YES,  we're OPEN for many Programs & Activites!


We apologize for any inconvenience this may for cause,

but we want to

help get pass this crisis as quickly as

possible by complying with the President's Guidelines.


Thank you for your cooperation.









CASA’s Mission:

“To provide opportunities & resources with focus for active seniors in the greater Prescott Valley area through the promotionof skills, continuing growth in education, physical & mental health, and the participation in community services and social activities.

The enhancement of independent living with an emphasis on fixed or low income participants is supported through the provision of surplus food distribution, daily nourishing meals for in-house diners, and outreach to homebound seniors through our "Happy" Meals-on-Wheels Program.