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Meals On Wheels shares the love with our local seniors who would otherwise be all alone and hungry during any holiday.  It’s only fitting that we are partnering with our friends at Subaru for the third year in a row for their “Share the Love” Event to raise funds to support Meals On Wheels.  This is just one story of how we share the love here in our community.

Share the Love

A CASA Volunteer Driver was delivering meals as usual when Our Client “Joe” didn’t answer the door.  The front door was ajar, but the screen was locked.  After knocking loudly and calling out to “Joe”, our driver left a note and finished her route.  She then returned to “Joe’s” home. Still NO RESPONSE! 

She immediately reported the occurrence to CASA’s Program Supervisor ‘Dawn’, who phoned “Joe” to no avail.  He had NO Next-of-Kin or Caregiver so Dawn called his Caseworker who was out of town for the weekend. 

Being the caring person she is, Dawn went to “Joe’s” home, herself.  Getting no response, she called the police requesting a “Wellness Check”. The police dispatched to his home discovering 80+ year old “Joe” collapsed on the floor.  They called for an ambulance who took him to the hospital. 

The Police Officer told Dawn her tenacity had likely saved “Joe’s” life! 

Happily, “Joe” is now back at home and daily looks forward to seeing His MOW Volunteers! 


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